Youth Dynamics Golf Marathon


Event Date: August 26, 2019


Please register on this website. Your personal information will be stored securely and credit card information will be purged after billing. Once you register, you will receive your own personal fundraising site where you can set a goal and invite your friends and family to contribute to achieving your goal. We ask that you commit to raising a minimum of $2,500 ($25 per hole) and the maximum is up to you! It is recommended that you start your fundraising page by pledging to yourself at $1 per hole. This will allow you to ask others to join in your support of Youth Dynamics. Your personal thermometer will rise as you reach this goal, so be sure to make a reasonable goal that you can achieve.


Event Schedule

5:40am: Registration & Breakfast


6:30am-9:30am: Tee Time, Golf 30 holes

9:30am: Swing by the snack tent!

9:30am-12:30pm: Golf 30 more holes


11am - 1pm: Pick up your sack lunch!


12:30pm-3:30pm: Golf 30 more holes


3:30pm: Swing by the snack tent!


3:30pm-5:00pm: Golf your last 10 holes!


5:00pm: Return cart, submit scores


5:30pm: Dinner


6:00pm: Awards


Event Rules

  1. Caddies must be at least 18 years old. No under-age caddies will be permitted.

  2. No honors. Hit when you are ready.

  3. Let faster teams play through.

  4. One stroke penalty, but no distance penalty for out-of-bounds shots.

  5. All putts within the leather are good.

  6. Repair all ball marks and divots.

  7. Pick up your ball when you reach triple bogey.

  8. You may move the ball one club-length anywhere on the course (except traps and greens).

  9. You may drive the cart on the fairway, except where otherwise marked. Please protect the greens.

  10. Only play one ball at a time.

  11. Once you complete a hole, proceed to the next hole, rather than playing the same hole repeatedly.

  12. All other rules of golf apply.


  • MVP: Most Dollars Raised

  • Lowest Score: Individual on 100 Holes

  • Longest Drive - Closest to Pin

  • Par 3 - Closest to Pin

  • Most Holes Played

  • Highest Score

  • Most Birdies

  • Most Bogeys

  • Most Balls in the Woods

Our Top 5 Fundraisers
Rank Name Amount
#1 Shane Land $9,938.00
#2 Mike Blade $7,300.00
#3 Tom Davis $6,597.00
#4 Kevik Rensink $5,817.00
#5 Benjamin Huge $5,655.00

Weather Cancellations
We will not cancel due to the weather... the event will go on rain or shine! 

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